7 tips to create Facebook posts that are engaging

[Author: Kelly Cairns, The Tech Angel]

Date: 03-Jun-2014 00:58

They know they need to be on there, it's where their customers are, they're posting and the message is going into a big black hole of no where.

If you're reading this and nodding then read on. I'm going to explain what it all means and give you some tips on how to make it work for YOU.

So, let's say you have one person on your page who LOVES posters and they always like and share your posters, Facebook knows that they love your posters, and that's all they get. So when you put a text post, they won't see that, because they never like your text post.

Facebook is clever like that. I know we moan about how many people get to see our posts, BUT if Facebook lets all of our content through, and all of everyone else's content through, it would be one massive noisy place, overwhelmed by businesses is! I don't want that, do you?

No one wants to know if you're going to have a cheese sandwich of lunch… 'oh lunch time, I'm having a cheese sandwich' SO WHAT! Think outside of the box. How can you make that cheese sandwich funny? take a picture? give it a funny caption? if you can't make it a post that people want to comment on or share, don't post it! People will get bored, won't interact and then they won't see your posts in their timeline.

Get it?


  • Lifestyle and inspirational images are always engaging. Smart Page owners are quick to take advantage of these images, because they understand they do not have to be relevant to the product/service you offer to be relevant to your fans. These fans will then share these posts with their friends and that provides you with more reach and another opportunity to grow your 'Likes.'
  • The best posts are between 100 and 250 characters, short and to the point gets the most attention.

#2 Share and Promote Discounts and Promotions That are Exclusive

  • Offer your visitors a really good perk or deal to keep them interested. You can increase your sales and increase your followers with this technique.
  • To increase your visitors engagement, make sure that you have a clear call to action.

#3 Ask questions

  • Ask conundrum questions, If, what, why & when questions are good!
  • Fill in the blanks always gets people commenting i.e If I had a an extra £5k a month I would ________

#4 Suitability and Timeliness

  • When your posts are related to what they are thinking about at the time, such as holidays or a current sporting event, your audience is much more likely to engage
  • Use link posts to drive people to your website
  • Look for pages with a larger audience than yours to benefit your page

#7 Build your list!

  • Offer your fans something of value to get them onto your list
  • Don't just post meaningless posts, you won't get business that way, you need to get them onto your list


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