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The Mumpreneurs Guide to Managing your Workload

[Author: Lyndsey Gilchrist, ASAP Admin]

Date: 07-Jul-2014 11:53

The Mumpreneurs Guide to Managing your Workload

I know some people wrinkle their nose when they hear the word 'mumpreneur' but I think it's a great portmanteau.  We're a mum first and an entrepreneur second.  And that's the way it should be.

If you're a home-based mumpreneur then there are so many benefits.  You can do the school run, go to sports day and attend assemblies.  If they're sick, you can take care of them.  You don't have to make childcare arrangements or pay child-minding fees.  First and foremost you are there when your children need you and as a mum, that's a great relief.

There is also the added bonus of flexible working – even if that means 9-3pm and then 7-10pm, it's still flexible! There's more potential to significantly increase your income too.  And you're being a great role model for your children.

But, like everything, being a mumpreneur does have its downsides.

  • Unexpected visitors – friends and family drop by or telephone while you're trying to work and they can't understand why you can't take a break.
  • Longer hours – because you love what you do, you'll work longer hours than you did in your paid employment.
  • Increased workload - you take on too much and get overwhelmed.
  • More pressure – you're determined to succeed and this puts you under more pressure.  

So, one of the best things to do to avoid pushing yourself to the extremes is to manage your workload and you can do this in a number of ways.


Yes, it's simple but a very powerful tool in managing your workload.  As well as telling family and friends that you aren't available between 9 and 3pm, you also need to speak to your clients.  Ask them how urgent their task is if you're struggling to meet deadlines. You'll be surprised at how many clients come back with, 'Oh, there's no rush, just whenever you can fit it in.'


You aren't superwoman.  So whether you get someone to help you with domestic chores or you outsource some of your business tasks to a virtual assistant, don't be afraid to delegate.

Hourly Slots

Working in hourly slots is an excellent way to manage your workload, especially if you have lots of urgent tasks to get through.  Use the alarm on your phone or something like Egg Timer on your pc so you don't have to clock-watch.  Replace that feeling of being overwhelmed by your workload by feeling re-energised when you tick off those completed tasks.


Grouping tasks is another way to manage your workload.  Working in your hourly slots, allocate an hour to reply and follow up emails/quotes, for example, or write your social media posts for the month, or make telephone calls or sort out your bookkeeping.

Switch off those Distractions!!!

Switch off your phone, switch off your social media alerts and don't answer the front door! You'll be amazed at how much you can get through if you work uninterrupted.

It can be done! Best of luck!


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