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  • 23
  • Apr, 2013

10 Tips to Take the Ugh Out of Business Networking [Author: Hidden Profile, Hidden Business]

What are your first thoughts when you hear the word networking? We know some of you are probably thinking, "Ugh, I hate to do that!" Right? All that work meeting new people.  Forget about it. Or... [Read more ..]

  • 03
  • Feb, 2013

SMART Goals for 2013 [Author: BeMyVA]

Looking back at 2012, it's hard to imagine that 365 days have just passed.  So many days, so many activities, so fast the year went.  The beginning of a new year, for some, is like a fresh start. ... [Read more ..]

  • 01
  • Aug, 2012

10 Top Tips for LinkedIn [Author: Admin BeMyVA, BeMyVA]

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals, it's not for updating friends about what you've been up to over the weekend, it's for connecting with business contacts and showing off your professional... [Read more ..]

  • 18
  • Jul, 2012

Recommended Social Networking Channels for Business [Author: Admin BeMyVA, BeMyVA]

Not all social networking channels can be used successfully for business.  What is recommended for one business may not apply to another business.  To work out which social networks you should be concentrating... [Read more ..]

  • 04
  • Jul, 2012

Five Top Tips for Infographics [Author: Admin BeMyVA, BeMyVA]

Infographics are all about visual facts and figures. I only came across them when I joined Pinterest and saw their popularity explode, literally overnight.  My social media board on Pinterest is full... [Read more ..]

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