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  • 02
  • Jul, 2012

Four SEO Tips for Your Wordpress Blog [Author: Hidden Profile, Hidden Business]

Wordpress has become the most popular self-hosted blogging platform around, with over ten million different users utilizing the platform as their blog back-end of choice. Offering a huge range of features,... [Read more ..]

  • 27
  • Jun, 2012

Using YouTube for Marketing You and Your Business [Author: Admin BeMyVA, BeMyVA]

Many people don't think of YouTube as a social media network but when you hear that Google owns YouTube and videos are usually appear at the top of searches online it makes you think again.  It's only... [Read more ..]

  • 18
  • Jun, 2012

Email Marketing Advantages [Author: Hidden Profile, Hidden Business]

Email marketing has become an acceptable option for marketing a business.  It allows you to stay connected to current and prospective clients and provides ways to grow your business and build a loyal... [Read more ..]

  • 13
  • Jun, 2012

7 Top Tips for Using Pinterest [Author: Admin BeMyVA, BeMyVA]

Pinterest is the brand new social media platform everyone is talking about.  Pinterest actually started as a closed beta in 2010 but it's only now that it's built a huge database of around 3.5 million... [Read more ..]

  • 25
  • May, 2012

10 Top Tips for Working with Twitter [Author: Admin BeMyVA, BeMyVA]

Twitter's fast paced world often overwhelms new users, I admit when I first joined Twitter in 2009 it overwhelmed me and I soon took comfort back over on Facebook, the slower updates and better interaction... [Read more ..]

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