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  • 18
  • May, 2012

How to Attract More Followers on Twitter [Author: Admin BeMyVA, BeMyVA]

It's a common question and just putting this title into a Google search will confirm that many people would like to know the answer. There are various ways you can attract more followers, but it's not... [Read more ..]

  • 11
  • May, 2012

How a Virtual Assistant can Manage your Social Media [Author: Admin BeMyVA, BeMyVA]

A virtual assistant has many different skills, not only can they provide administrative services or be your personal assistant but they can help with your marketing needs on social media. Social media... [Read more ..]

  • 04
  • May, 2012

To Blog or Tweet - that is the Question? [Author: Admin BeMyVA, BeMyVA]

I have been thinking carefully over the last few days about this question and it seems to be quite an important one.  Social media is big business and almost anyone you speak to these days will advise... [Read more ..]

  • 30
  • Apr, 2012

Why outsource to a Virtual Assistant [Author: Gina Antoniou, PA Workstation]

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant will enable you to help build your own business profile. Can you really handle all administration yourself along with everything else that is involved in running a... [Read more ..]

  • 28
  • Apr, 2012

Tips for VA's working with International Clients [Author: Admin BeMyVA, BeMyVA]

Working with clients in different time zones is something you need to think about when you start out as a virtual assistant.  Being virtual means you can potentially have clients all over the world.... [Read more ..]

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