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  • Apr, 2012

Why you shouldn’t be doing business without written terms and conditions [Author: Suzanne Dibble, law4mumpreneurs]

Your standard terms and conditions (i.e. the legal basis on which you are willing to do business with your customers) should be the first legal document that you put in place when you are starting a... [Read more ..]

  • 25
  • Apr, 2012

Simple Steps to Trade Marking [Author: Suzanne Dibble, law4mumpreneurs]

The easiest way to stop a competitor using your name or logo is to trademark them.Benefits of registration Registering your trade mark gives you the exclusive right to use your mark for the goods and/or... [Read more ..]

  • 24
  • Apr, 2012

Why you should be monitoring trademark applications [Author: Suzanne Dibble, law4mumpreneurs]

Until recently, the Intellectual Property Office ("IPO") would refuse to register a trademark application if a search of the trademark register revealed a trademark that was conflicting or very similar... [Read more ..]

  • 21
  • Apr, 2012

Do you need to make a data protection notification? [Author: Suzanne Dibble, law4mumpreneurs]

If you collect and process personal data, you must (unless exempt) notify certain details (such as your name and address, a description of personal data being processed and a description of the purpose... [Read more ..]

  • 20
  • Apr, 2012

Help with being data protection compliant [Author: Suzanne Dibble, law4mumpreneurs]

The following checklist will help you to comply with the Data Protection Act. Being able to answer 'yes' to every question does not guarantee compliance, and you may need more advice in particular... [Read more ..]

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