How to use the BeMyVA Directory

This is a quick start introductory guide to how to use the BeMyVA Directory.
What's so different about the Be My VA Directory for Virtual Assistants?
From working with Virtual Assistants for many years, we have put together a unique VA directory system that rewards 'great service' or a 'good job', well done - we call that our "Clicks" system.
Our systems can record client and Be My VA member feedback. We also collate VA member's activity in forums and we recognise valuable written contributions - and you will see their feedback in your search results, so that can help you to find and make your Virtual Assistant selection.
Clients of our Be My VA member's can submit "Client References" to their VA's Directory profile, to recognise and reward a job well done for them. This helps both the VA gain additional recognition and also helps users of this VA Directory choose a professional and reliable Virtual Assistant in the future.
Virtual Assistant members of this site can also submit "Member Testimonials" for VA colleagues who they know to have worked well with them on a project in a professional and reliable manner.
This Virtual Assistant's Directory doesn't stand still - just like the global platform of today's business world, the BeMyVA Directory will provide more and more valuable search results as time and events move on.

Looking for a Virtual Assistant to help with administration,  a specialist task, or on-line marketing support?
As soon as you start to use the BeMyVA Directory we are sure that you will agree that we have included the leading Virtual Assistants (VAs) from across the world.
The most active Virtual Assistants will have completed more details in their Be My VA Directory profiles.
We have two search facilities - a "Quick Search" and an "Advanced Search"
Quick Search
If you want to just search by country, region, or name, you can go straight to this easy to use format on our "Find your Virtual Assistant" page.
Advanced Search
This search facility offers you many more detailed filtering options to target your searches towards getting our best matches to your requirements.
For example, in addition to location and names, you can target your search for skill-set, experience, language, billing currency and also take advantage of our recognition of client references and Be My VA member testimonials.
Search Results
Your Virtual Assistant search results will provide a summary of the BeMyVA member profiles that are the closest match from your search criteria  - from that page you can click on "more details" to see a BeMyVA member's full profile.
The VA search results will appear in an order that recognises our "clicks" reward system - or you can then choose your own preference for sorting those results.
You can learn more details and get many of your questions answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page
Virtual Assistants - Why not come and join a leading Directory for Virtual Assistants?

I never appear at the top of other VA Directory search results?
Don't worry about your name starting with the letter "Z" - we have thought of that - you can get to the top of this web site's search results by accumulating "clicks" in our unique system for recognising client and BeMyVA member feedback.
How will my BeMyVA membership help my business?
Our parent company operates as respected business consultants, mentors and business coaches that have been in business for more than 10 years - they work closely with entrepreneurs, business start-ups, smaller businesses and business leaders - we will be promoting Virtual Assistants and this site in our own day to day business activities - virtually free advertising for you!
We have many ways of helping you improve your web profile, both here and across the web, increasing your chance of being seen by many more web site visitors and winning more clients for your business.
Can I get help and advice?
You certainly can! We have Articles, News, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Ask an Expert, Useful Links and many more plans and information to help you learn, grow and develop your own business.
How fair are the search results?
The owners of this web site are not competitors of yours - we are not Virtual Assistants and we promise that we will not occupy all the top search results!
Privacy Policy
You can decide what business and private contact information is displayed to this web site's visitors.
I am a Virtual Assistant - how can I apply to join the Be My VA Directory?
The process to apply to join the BeMyVA Directory is quite simple - of course, the more detail you provide the better chance you will have of being matched to a targeted search by our web visitors.
Too good to be true? Just try us - apply to join, and have a look around the BeMyVA Virtual Assistant's member's area - click here for more details.
Please note: Membership and use of this web site are subject to the full BeMyVA Terms and Conditions.

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