Featured VA – Dessire Izaguirre – Top Global Virtual Assistant, San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela

Date: 05-Oct-2013 12:00

Featured VA – Dessire Izaguirre – Top Global Virtual Assistant, San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela

Dessire Izaguirre is a Bilingual Spanish-English professional with over 10 years of experience as a Bilingual Executive Assistant in companies such as Scotiabank, Cedel Casa de Bolsa, Kimberly Clark Venezuela, among others.

She had the "entrepreneur mindset" and was always looking for a business opportunity.  One day, searching through the web, she came across the term "Virtual Assistant" and suddenly realized, that was what she had been looking for.

After joining IVAA (the International Virtual Assistants Association) getting Certified as a Virtual Assistant and reading the book "Entrepreneurial Freedom" by Jeannine Clontz, she decided to resign to her full time job in December 2011.  

In April 2012 she attended IVAA's Live Summit in Memphis, Tennessee and formally launched her Virtual Assistant business: "Top Global Virtual Assistant" on May, 2012.

She is a pioneer offering such type of services in that South American country, with a population of 29,278,000 people and which interestingly was appointed by Comscore as the No. 1 country in internet user growth (as reported on September 2012)

Her business has grown quite fast, she specialized in Social Media Management & Online Executive Assistance and she has found a niche within Coaches and Speakers.

Next steps in her business plan: take a Coaching Certification program this November, start teaching  others in her country how to become a VA on January 2013 and expand her business internationally.

Dessire’s BeMyVA profile: http://www.bemyva.com/va/2561/DessireIzaguirre

Business Web Site for Top Global Virtual Assistant: http://topasistentevirtualglobal.com/

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