The First Virtual Assistance Workshop in Venezuela – to be held in January 2013

Date: 24-Nov-2012 12:00

The First Virtual Assistance Workshop in Venezuela – to be held in January 2013

Organized by Dessire Izaguirre “Top Global VA” in alliance with Ghislayne Perez-Barker “The Star PA”

Dessire and Ghislayne are both Venezuelan professional VA’s. Dessire is based in Caracas, Venezuela and Ghislayne is based in London, UK. They are now working together on the "The First Virtual Assistance Workshop in Venezuela”, which has a population 29,278,000 people and was appointed by Comscore as the No. 1 country in internet user growth (as reported in September 2012).           

Ghislayne provided VA services to BeMyVA before it was launched in 2010 and attended the 2011 UK VA Annual Conference as part of their support team. Dessire attended the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) Live Summit in April 2012 where she met BeMyVA MD, John Palmer. He suggested Ghislayne and Dessire should both get in touch. After realizing they were the first established bi-lingual VA’s in both countries their alliance became stronger and their first Venezuelan project was born, thanks to BeMyVA!

They both have started their businesses from scratch and are running successful VA practices. Their goal is to teach others in Venezuela how to become a VA and share all the insider secrets they have learned along the way.

“I have always had the vision of bringing the VA concept to Venezuela and now it’s the right time. What we want to do is to establish a clear model and guide on how to become a VA, including workshops, seminars, webinars, etc. as well as forming the official body for VA’s.

Eventually I would like to work specifically with businesses in the UK trading with Spanish speaking countries and having established local VA’s in those countries will allow clients in the UK to get assistance in both countries for the same rate as a local VA.” – Ghislayne

“The VA industry is just starting in Venezuela, there are many business opportunities for professionals to offer their services as Virtual Assistants. A VA is the answer to the needs of solopreneurs and small business owners that need professional help but don't have the resources to hire a full time employee, specially with new labour laws in place that are unfavourable to employers.

There is a lot of work to be done to educate both companies and individuals in what a VA is and the scope of support these professionals are capable of providing. I feel in this sense I am "in the right place at the right time" and I am glad to be a part of all this.” -Dessire

Some of the topics that will be covered during the workshop are:

·         What is a VA

·         VA Global Market

·         VA Opportunities in Venezuela

·         How to become a VA

·         Legal and technical aspects of becoming a VA

·         Marketing: Branding, Networking (offline & online) for your VA business

·         Social Media for Business (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and live demonstrations

·         How to set up VA rates and common start up mistakes to avoid.

They will also have a well known Business Coach as a special speaker who has already been benefiting from VA services and social media support.

Their next project is to provide follow up workshops where they can bring new content to their audience as well as forming the VAVA “Venezuelan Association of Virtual Assistants” which will also run in Spanish as AVAV “Asociación Venezolana de Asistentes Virtuales”.

Further infomation about this workshop can be found here.

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