Virtual Assistance Workshop in Caracas, Venezuela, June 15th 2013, sponsored by BeMyVA

Date: 27-May-2013 12:00

Virtual Assistance Workshop in Caracas, Venezuela, June 15th  2013, sponsored by BeMyVA

Dessire Izaguirre is proud to announce that she will be running the 3rd Virtual Assistance workshop on June 15th 2013.

The workshop is aimed at:

People with an interest in working independently from home.  Ideally they will have previous work experience or training in the areas of management, social media, social networking, accounting, executive secretary, languages (not limiting).

The Virtual Assistance industry is dominated by women but more men join this new way of working!


•          What is a Virtual Assistant / Why customers work with virtual assistants

•          How to adapt your skills and knowledge to establish yourself as a Virtual Assistant

•          How to settle: legal, technical

•          The Global Virtual Assistance Market / Opportunities in Venezuela

•          Make your Business Plan

•          Special Guest

•          Choosing a "niche" market & Marketing Plan

•          Networking

•          How to set your rates

•          Web page / What are the social networks and their use as a marketing tool online.

Further information about this workshop can be found here:

Dessire’s BeMyVA profile:


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