Featured VA - Donna Redshaw - Diamond PA Services, Wiltshire, UK

Date: 07-Jun-2017 12:00

Featured VA - Donna Redshaw - Diamond PA Services, Wiltshire, UK

Entrepreneur Donna Redshaw has been named VA of the Year 2016 for England’s South Region, and previously VA of the Year 2015 for South West England.

Starting up your own business is always a difficult decision, you have will always have support to celebrate the highs but it can be lonely during the lows.  Opting to launch Diamond PA Services was a decision made after I had been made redundant for the 3rd time with the thinking of “I can’t make myself redundant!”  It is a decision that I have never looked back on. 

I was PA to the CEO of a software company and knew months before anyone else that the company was being sold, this gave me time to consider my options.  With my manager working more and more remotely I wondered if this was something that I could do for other companies and I researched into the world of Virtual Assistants.  The VA industry is a billion dollars industry and I wanted to get my hands on a small percentage of it.  On 1st October 2012 Diamond PA Services was launched and I sat eagerly at my computer waiting for the clients to come pouring in!  They didn’t! I had to rethink my strategy!

What was the issue I pondered? My website was clear and concise and I came up high on google searches for VA Swindon.. so what was the issue?  I soon discovered that people didn’t know what a VA was and what benefit they are to small companies.  I needed to educate my potential clients to show them what I could do for them and save them time and money. 

Roll on 4 years later and I have 150 clients on my books 1/3 of them are regular clients and we are looking to increase that percentage over the next 12 months.

So what have I achieved over the last 4 years? We helped a small business to increase their sales and streamline their procedures so that they now can support their own in house administration team, knowing that they still have the backup of Diamond PA Services.  We’ve supported charities with minute taking, accounts and telephone answering so they could reduce costs and streamline their outgoings with a virtual office.  We had a fabulous apprentice who grew in confidence every day.  She went onto win Business Apprentice of the Year and she thanks us for the start in her work career.  With the diversity of our business she was able to sample all aspects of administration. She has now moved on to a fulfilling career within the local college where she is excelling and has taken some of the good practices that we installed in her into her new office.  We’re looking to recruit a new apprentice in 2017.

Diamond PA Services, based in Swindon, offers a complete virtual administration service which includes telephone answering, administration and book keeping. 

Outside of work I have my family to keep me busy, my very supportive and patient husband David, son Corey and daughter Carla-Mai.  I also volunteer with my local Brownie unit and run a Ranger unit supporting young adults from 14 to 26 year old.  All my organising skills definitely come in handy working with young people and they all make me very proud.

Plans for the next 12 months include growing Diamond PA Services to a 6 figure business, employing new apprentices and starting VA support groups for the South West.

Donna Redshaw's BeMyVA profile: http://www.bemyva.com/va/2827/Donna-Redshaw

The business web site for Diamond PA Services: www.diamondpaservices.co.uk


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