Featured VA - Angela Proud - Proud Office Management, West Yorkshire, UK

Date: 03-Jan-2020 12:00

Featured VA - Angela Proud - Proud Office Management, West Yorkshire, UK

The agony and the ecstasy of small business ownership

Running a small or micro business can be an amazing, empowering experience – but managing the endless daily administration tasks that keep the business alive can easily drain your time and resources. It’s no surprise, then, that recent research shows that small business owners take less leave, fall ill more often and cancel social plans more frequently than their employed peers.

The great news is that there’s a very simple solution that not only helps restore the joy of small business ownership, but builds your business efficiency and profitability, too! With over 30 years of administration experience at Director level and above, Angela Proud at Proud Office Management has all the office systems, tools and insights needed to increase your admin efficiency, reduce your stress, and – best of all – give you extra hours every day.

The skills you need, when you need them

With a vast portfolio of systems, procedures and practical services, Angela is here to ease your load. She’s quick to understand your individual business, challenges and goals. Then, whether you need a particular service or wider support, she helps you simplify your office administration so you can work less and achieve more. From managing emails, diaries and CRM, preparing presentations, planning events or mastering accounts and invoices, to those time-hungry practical tasks like answering phones or buying stationery or gifts, Angela has it covered.

Employment specialist, Mark Butterick, has seen the benefits for himself and comments, “Angela has an exceptional eye for detail and a warm and genuine personality. I’d have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation needing a talented and professional individual.”

Looking to expand her marketing business, Nicola Mellor of Pepamint, reflects, “Angela has not only managed my bookkeeping but her strategic advice and support has also helped take my business to the next level. She’s prompt, efficient and a brilliant choice for anyone needing office support.”

“A friendly, helpful and credible professional you can rely on”

Angela’s 30 years of professional experience as a PA and bookkeeper includes work in large corporates, small private companies and a charity. Since establishing Proud Office Management in 2013, her reputation as a highly effective and committed professional has grown rapidly, and in 2014 she was a Runner-up in the VA Awards’ Best Newcomer VA for UK & Ireland class.

Angela is also a devoted wife, mum of two grown-up children and a loyal supporter of the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust.                

Angela Proud's BeMyVA profile: http://www.bemyva.com/va/2705/Angela-Proud

Proud Office Management website: www.proudofficemanagement.co.uk                                                                

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