Featured VA - Sheri Bruneau of Get It Together, Alberta, Canada

Date: 17-Apr-2013 12:00

Sheri Bruneau is the founder and President of Get It Together Inc, based in Alberta, Canada. Sheri’s background is in education as she was an elementary school teacher for seventeen years. She has demonstrated leadership and compassion, while maintaining an outgoing and enthusiastic personality. Sheri believes that having an educational background has helped her connect with all of her clients. She believes that her teaching background has given her an upper hand with her business and working with people. Just like in teaching, planning ahead while working within a given time frame is essential and something Sheri truly understands.

Sheri started working as a Virtual Assistant in 2008 for a real estate agent.  Sheri was, and still is, responsible for creating a monthly newsletter that incorporates a feature real estate article, a Professional Organizing article as well as adding in quotes, images, etc.  Since her start in the VA world, Sheri has helped a variety of clients clients by:       

  • creating web sites (basic web sites) for new business owners along with teaching the business owner how to make changes to their own website.
  • setting up Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Linked In) as well as provide the training necessary for clients to feel comfortable with social media.  Sheri has completed the Social Media training through KBJ Online.
  • creating brochures used for advertising
  • creating Power Point Presentations
  • creating Prezi presentations


Sheri's BeMyVA profile: www.bemyva.com/va/467/Sheri-Bruneau

Business web site for Get It Together: www.get-it-together.ca

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