Featured VA - Edna Campos of Riolan Virtual Business Solutions, Yucatan, Mexico

Date: 02-Jul-2014 12:00

Featured VA - Edna Campos of Riolan Virtual Business Solutions, Yucatan, Mexico

Edna Campos is an Online Business Consultant and is the proud founder and owner of  Riolan Virtual Business Solutions.

Riolan Virtual Business Solutions is a personal development virtual agency located in Merida, Mexico. Edna has been in business for almost 2 years. As a founder of Riolan Virtual Business Solutions, her goal is to get small businesses the maximum exposure online and expand their growth locally and globally, taking business owners stress out of their lives, working on projects and tasks they do not have the time to work on, or are not enough interested in learning for the time being.

She provides them with the necessary education and tools them to get visibility on the internet and also provides a variety of different services such as creative design, ghost writing, translations and transcriptions, among others.

In her words, her mission and passion is to “listen carefully to small business’ needs, taking care of their projects the same way she takes care of her own business”.

Edna has a background on Psychology and she is a Certified Bilingual Virtual Assistant. She specializes in Internet and Social Media Marketing. She loves to constantly learn new things, acquiring new skills and be on top of new technologies. She has also being trained as Wordpress designer, taking care of Wordpress web sites and blogs installation, design and maintenance.

Edna’s clients include busy entrepreneurs and small companies from various different industries such as Real Estate, Corporate Law, Boutique Hotels, etc., which are looking for ways to increase visibility online, their performance, and maximizing their productivity.

Edna is very passionate about what she does and finds joy in seeing a client transform when starting navigating with her on the new ways to market their businesses. She is very professional, loves to over deliver and the interaction with prospects, clients and the people in her off line and online communities. She knows her skills are valued especially in her country, and feels satisfaction to hear positive feedback from her followers on the social media realm.

Edna  worked for various types of industries in the past including, both: public and private sectors: she performed as a Human Resources Recruiter in the banking sector, Imports Assistant at Linea Peninsular Inc., as Assistant to VP Executives at a Transnational Manufacturing company, Monty Industries, as a Private Assistant to the Secretary of Industrial and Commercial Development of the  State Government of Yucatan, and as an Account and Special Projects Manager at Anres Cards Technologies.

Edna always dreamt about starting her own entrepreneurship and having the time to share with her two teenagers. Working independently gives her the passion to work on projects she loves, being able to showcase her knowledge, skills and experience, and helping other entrepreneurs around the world by providing them value and great customer services experience.

She belongs to various business women networks and also volunteers for the Mexican Women Entrepreneur's Local Association, managing her social networks and educating the members in the latest trends on online Marketing.

The services she provides at Riolan Virtual Business Solutions are but not limited to: Internet and Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Business and Independent Professionals, Wordpress Set Up, Design and Maintenance, Presentations Marketing and Distribution, Local Marketing, Google Places Listings Optimization, Content Creation, E-Covers and Virtual Assistant Services such as translations and transcriptions.

Edna's BeMyVA profile: www.bemyva.com/va/465/Edna-Campos

Riolan Virtual Business Solutions - Business web site: www.riolan.mx

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