Featured VA - Maureen Floris - Kairos Business Solutions, BC, Canada

Date: 01-Oct-2012 12:00

Featured VA - Maureen Floris from Kairos Business Solutions, British Columbia, Canada

Maureen Floris is the owner of Kairos Business Solutions and she has over 20 years of administration, office and retail experience. Maureen knows what good customer service is and the importance of it. (After all, she's also been a consumer expert for even more years!)

Maureen’s passion is to help business owners build better relationships with their clients. Creating an 'online' and 'offline' presence, not only keeps ongoing relationships alive, you will also reach those who want to be your clients (and just don't know it yet!).
Maureen Floris and her team believe in a high level of integrity and dependability and know the importance of critical deadlines as well as the stress and loss of income caused by procrastination and poor planning. Not only that, but we need to love what we do - another secret of good customer service!
“If we don’t have time or do not enjoy what we’re doing, we won’t do it well, which is bad for our clients and bad for business.”
Being married, having three teenagers & being in business has taught Maureen that all good relationships take effort, time and patience. Not everyday turns out the way we hope it does, but we do learn something new and then decide whether we repeat what we've learned or if we need to make changes.
In her spare time Maureen  loves to be outdoors with her chickens, rabbits and dog. She loves the farm fresh eggs and all the customers that come to her door. Another joy is being part of 4H, keeping the pigs & sheep on her property during the summer, teaching and watching the kids work with their animals.
What does Kairos mean?
Many times we are asked this question. After all, it is not anyone's last name, nor is it very common.
If you haven't guessed it, Kairos is Greek and means "the right moment to do the right thing" and a God-ordained "turning point" moment. This is typical for many of us - our lives are full of "turning point" moments. We realize that we can make the decision to choose what's right, no matter what the circumstances.

When you hire Kairos Business Solution, you will learn to create better relationships with your clients who will not only love you but refer you to others too.

Maureen's BeMyVA profile: www.bemyva.com/va/1484/Maureen-Floris

Kairos Business Solutions  - Business web site: www.kairosbusiness.com

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