Featured VA - Alba Figueroa - So Savvy Solutions, Puerto Rico

Date: 20-Sep-2012 12:00

Featured VA - Alba Figueroa - So Savvy Solutions, Puerto Rico

What’s your background and why did you start So Savvy Solutions™?
I have worked in the administrative and customer service field for many years – though my studies are in Communications, (mainly Journalism and Public Relations). I was looking for a way to stay at home to enjoy and raise my two little boys. After discussing my idea with my husband I quit my job and decided to venture with an online business as an Administrative Consultant.

Why an Administrative Consultant? I could have easily returned to my career in Journalism and do some freelancing but I felt in my heart that that wasn’t the direction I was looking for. It would of had me tied up to my phone and email all day long conducting interviews, writing articles, and doing research for some stuck up editor who always gave me last minute notice on everything. No thank you.

I wanted to focus on helping people by being myself. I always had the ability to really connect with people – so helping them came naturally. I was always looking to see how I could help my clients in a better way – making sure the received what they wanted and more. I also found that entrepreneurs, business and life coaches, and other heart-centered entrepreneurs were the ones who needed me the most. By coupling my expertise in a few specialized areas such as product launches, memberships, newsletters, PR, email and internet marketing (as well as a few others) I realized that people really needed my savvy resources. So then, So Savvy Solutions ™ was born. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing a project come to life by strategizing and putting all the essential pieces together needed to make my clients’ businesses savvy.

Today, So Savvy Solutions is a boutique consulting and outsourcing firm that allows small business owners to set up their businesses and create systems while empowering them private coaching. My clients get the best of both worlds – setup and implementation as well as the necessary coaching and consulting needed to boost their business to great heights.

A little about me…
I am happily married and have two rambunctious little boys – Elvin Yanier (who’s almost four) and Luis Adrian (who just turned two). I am fluent in English and Spanish, love to travel (but haven’t done much of it lately), I love to learn about new cultures (I am obsessed with Bollywood), and just got hooked with Zumba Fitness. Oh, and I have this things about learning = I. Just. Can’t. Stop.

My credentials
Certified Product Launch Specialist – VAClassroom (I am 1 of 64 certified to properly execute product launches)

Wishlist Member Specialist –Hot Skills VA Training

Certificate of Attendance in Intensive Public Relations – Sacred Heart University, PR

BA in Communications majoring in Journalism – Bayamon Central University, PR

Alba's BeMyVA profile: www.bemyva.com/va/2438/Alba-Figueroa

So Savvy Solutions   - Business web site: www.sosavvysolutions.com

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