Featured VA - Melissa Kemna - Amethyst Office Support. NSW, Australia

Date: 16-Aug-2012 12:00

Featured VA - Melissa Kemna - Amethyst Office Support, New South Wales, Australia

AMETHYST Office Support owner, Melissa Kemna, has over 9 years experience in Office Support. Her services are designed to provide support to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

With my experience, being an entrepreneur myself and coming from a family of business owners, I understand that every task, project, business and manager has it own specific needs. It is my goal and passion to understand these and to give you the Support you want.

AMETHYST Office Support provides a variety of professional and quality Office Support services.

The services of AMETHYST OS are:

  • Office management   
  • Personal Assistant
  • Administrative Support
  • Social Media Support
  • Recruitment Support


All to give you the Support YOU Want, When YOU Need It!

Melissa works from her own office, located in the North West of Sydney or on location. AMETHYST Office Support offers you a flexible and cost effective option to outsources those tasks that take to much of your valuable time. Time, you can spend on the things you love,
want and need to do.

The owner of AMETHYST Office Support Melissa Kemna, was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With her family she moved to Sydney, Australia and she conciderd the move the biggest project in her personal life. Melissa studied Human Resources Management (Bachelor) and after graduation she worked in various Personal Assistant and HR roles for more then 10 years.

Experience: HR and Recruitment (Support), PA tasks, Office Management,

Project Management and Support, Setting-up and maintaining (HR) administration

If you want to know how AMETHYST Office Support can help you and your business, fill out the form on our the AMETHYST-os.com or email Melissa melissa@amethyst-os.com

Melissa' BeMyVA profile can be seen here: http://www.bemyva.com/va/2446/Melissa-Kemna

Amethyst Office Support business web site: http://www.amethyst-os.com/



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