Featured VA - Marisa Aguilera - Virtual One PA, NSW, Australia

Date: 25-Sep-2012 12:00

Featured Virtual Assistant - Marisa Aguilera of Virtual One PA, NSW, Australia

Virtual One PA Marisa Aguilera has more than 20 years experience in the Business world. Based in Sydney, Australia, Marisa has assisted many senior professionals of Chairman, CEO's, Managing Directors, Executive Directors and Doctors.  Within the 20 years wealth of experience gained in various industries, financial services, health, architects, consultancy and engineering and working in the UK and Australia to gain unique insights and quality skills to contribute to her business.

As an experienced professional, Marisa is very hard working with excellent communication skills and a great problem solver coupled with strong customer focus and detail oriented. Marisa understands her clients' respect for discretion and confidentiality and is dedicated in providing high quality standards in her work.  Marisa believes that with this she has been able to maintain client satisfaction and building a trustworthy and successful partnership.  At V
irtual One PA, we assist our clients with their needs and achieve their expectations.

Virtual One PA offers a real service that delivers to our clients and their business a solution that will achieve a consistent and high level of support through a range of services. We are dedicated to offering our clients a business solution that is affordable, reliable and customized to match their business requirements.

Virtual One PA is here to provide you dedicated support and build a long and lasting relationship.

You can visit Marisa Aguilera's BeMyVA profile here:


See Marisa's business web site Virtual One PA: http://www.virtualonepa.com/

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