Featured VA - Patty Juan - eXPERT Business Support Services, Florida, USA

Date: 28-Sep-2012 12:00

Featured VA - Patty Juan - eXPERT Business Support Services, Florida USA

eXPERT Business Support Services is a full-service, bilingual virtual assistance firm that offers 25 years of experienced business support, including executive assistance and management, transcription, document design and formatting, copy typing, proofreading and editing, and translation and interpreting services.

Your business, whether a one-man shop or a multifaceted corporation, can truly benefit by partnering with a professional virtual administrative support specialist. Virtual office support is fast becoming the most sought-after answer to your business’ administrative needs.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, reliable, and trusted business support specialist but do not want or need the commitment of hiring a full-time or even part-time employee, insist on reliability, accuracy, and professionalism. Insist on an expert to get the job done.

My mission is to consistently provide you with reliable, professional, and the highest quality of virtual administrative support and expert transcription services to keep your business running smoothly and on top of its game!

About Patty

Based in South Florida, USA, eXPERT Business Support Services was founded and is owned by Patty Juan. Patty's enthusiasm and honest work ethic, together with her 25 years of experience as a dedicated secretary, a top-notch executive assistant, office manager, and as a highly reliable independent transcription contractor, are the foundation and core of eXPERT Business Support Services.

Patty's English and Spanish language skills and her diverse background working with a leading provider of HR solutions and as an independent contractor have given her valuable insight into the insurance, investigations, and health care industries, and into the corporate world as a whole.

A self-motivated, accomplished, and highly professional businesswoman, and now owner of her own company, Patty helps professionals in the insurance and investigations industry, entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate executives, lawyers, podcast authors, professors, and non-profit organizations break language barriers, realize their goals. and achieve success.

Patty enjoys spending time with her family, surfing, and devoting time to Habitat for Humanity and to her local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, which aims to protect and preserve our oceans and beaches.

My promise to you

Every project will be completed on time every time, or it's on the house;

Word-for-word accuracy on all transcription projects, or it's on the house;
And I sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure your privacy is protected. 

That's the level of confidence you deserve to keep your business running smoothly and on top of its game!

Experience what an expert can do for you!

See Patty Juan's BeMyVA profile here: http://www.bemyva.com/va/2447/Patty-Juan

Patty's business web site : http://expertsupportsvcs.com/

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