Featured VA - Kimberley Cooper - The Instant Assistant Ltd, Essex UK

Date: 31-Jul-2012 12:00

Featured VA – Kimberley Cooper, The Instant Assistant, Essex, UK

The Instant Assistant is Virtual Assistant business based in the UK; we offer an array of Virtual services to companies regardless of their sector or size.

Our most popular service is our Virtual reception where we answer the phone on your behalf, forwarding the calls or messages directly, or via email or text. We can be your customer’s first point of contact or even act as an overflow when your lines are busy so that you never have to miss a call again. This saves you the hassle of dealing with unwanted sales calls and time waster's as well; you only pay for the forwarded messages/calls.

We are also on hand to help with any Admin duties, from invoicing and quotations through to bookings and diary management in our Virtual PA service.

We understand that staffing costs are a growing concern with unemployment figures being at there highest that is where we come in. Whether you need our services for an hour, day, monthwe are there to help. With the added benefit that you will never have to worry about sick days, holiday cover, maternity leave, staff training, etc. Our VA's are available when you need them to be, even out of normal working hours and are more than happy to come to site to help you hit deadlines on catch up with paperwork

Our business model at the instant assistant is to help you increase your profits by assisting you to cut costs whilst maintaining the highest level of service, we are your Virtual back office for all your business needs because your business is as important to us as it is to you

Kimberley's BeMyVA profile: http://www.bemyva.com/va/2445/Kimberley-Cooper

The Instant Assistant's business web site: www.theinstantassistant.co.uk/


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