BeMyVA is quickly recognised and established as a leading directory for Virtual Assistants

Date: 14-Feb-2012 12:00

BeMyVA - recognised as a leading international directory for Virtual Assistants

BeMyVA has quickly become recognised as a leading international directory of Virtual Assistants by both Entrepreneurs and Virtual Assistants - and the word is preading all around the globe.

Jo Harrison, a Virtual Assistant and Copywriter (Writer's Block Admin Services), formerly of Kent, UK and now based in France has included in her newly launched e-book: "3 Key Benefits of using a Virtual Assistant".

The e-book is aimed at providing Entrepreneurs and those looking to outsource business and support tasks with some information about working with a Virtual Assistant - such as:

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

The Benefits of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

- Virtual Assistants can save you time

- Virtual Assistants can save you money

- Virtual Assistants can help you accomplish more

- How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Jo also summarises a number of useful tips within her e-book.

You can download the free e-book here:


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