Featured VA – Helen Jacobi of The Inspired PA, Surrey, UK

Date: 23-Dec-2019 12:00

Featured VA - Helen Jacobi is Director of The Inspired PA and winner of National Outstanding VA of 2012 for over 2½ years in business. 

One of the best things about running The Inspired PA is being able to offer flexible solutions to our clients.  Making a positive impact underpins what we set out to achieve and having a happy client is a measure of our success says Helen Jacobi.

On many occasions we have found ourselves playing a key role in an important episode or event that will remain in someone’s memory for a lifetime.  That is not only exciting, but also a privileged and trusted place to be and ensuring that the event remains a treasured memory gives us a huge amount of satisfaction. 

“Of course we take our work seriously, but it should be fun too and I am a true believer in making sure that everyone plays to their strengths and enjoys what they do” says Helen.

Helen was an Executive Assistant for 20 years working alongside Boards in large corporations and with successful entrepreneurs. Being passionate about enabling businesses to succeed, in 2009 she took the plunge and started The Inspired PA, a virtual PA and business management enterprise that supports business owners and entrepreneurs globally.

This experience has given her a deep understanding of what makes businesses – and people – tick, and what support works best in these different environments.
Helen holds the Diploma in Event Management with PR, accredited by the ICM, and the RSA Higher Diploma in Administrative and Secretarial Procedures.
The skills that Helen insist of both her team and herself are being professional, super-organised, trustworthy, adaptable, unflappable and with a sharp eye for detail.

Helen Jacobi’s BeMyVA profile: www.bemyva.com/va/2511/Helen-Jacobi

The Inspired PA website: www.theinspiredpa.co.uk

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