Featured VA - Gina Antoniou - PA Workstation, Herts, UK

Date: 08-Jan-2016 12:00

Featured VA - Gina Antoniou - PA Workstation, Herts, UK

How could a Virtual Assistant work within the financial services industry? Well a VA is short for a Virtual Assistant who works exactly the same way as a traditional PA but in the virtual world and more importantly around your business.  IFAs tend to be out during the day: networking, training, going to conferences and meeting clients. In the meantime they need a reliable and trustworthy source to run their back office. Especially, now with the implementation of RDR where everything has to be transparent. One of the benefits for outsourcing to a VA is the cost, as you only pay for the actual task and nothing more, no hidden costs like an employee. A VA is solely responsible for self development, NI, tax and ongoing training because they are their own business entity.

My reason for starting up my business is to work around my family commitments and help support Financial Advisers.  I have noticed a gap in the market whereby many advisers are mainly out most of the day on client meetings. Sometimes they come back late in the afternoon wanting an online submission and new illustrations for a next day client appointment. In the meantime leaving a mountain of paperwork that eventually needs to be documented and never gets done due to client priorities.  Imagine not having to worry to set a day a side to catch up on admin. A VA can support advisers by not letting the mountain of paperwork pile up.

I found that if an adviser has a reliable VA to take away all their office based administration imagine what else you could be getting on with? Maybe spending quality time with clients, having the time to research relevant products, or even getting out there by networking and generating more leads and raising your business profile, the list could be endless. My mission for my business is to support financial advisers help reach their goals and objectives by taking away all their administration, as I thrive on paperwork and this will enable Financial Advisers to  concentrate on their clients, business profile and self development in their studies towards becoming chartered by 2013?

Imagine not being able to spend quality time with your clients, or reaching your business goals and not having the time to go out at networking events and generating leads. By investing in a VA your goals and ambitions for you business will start to change.

Further information about my services and how can I be of benefit to your business please call Gina at PA Workstation on 0845 017 0804.

Gina's BeMyVA profile: http://www.bemyva.com/va/2509/Gina-Antoniou

Gina's business web site: http://www.paworkstation.co.uk

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