Featured VA - Lindsey Carroll - Outbox Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

Date: 31-Dec-2019 12:00

Featured VA - Lindsey Carroll - Outbox Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

Lindsey Carroll, owner of Outbox, was awarded ‘Virtual Service Provider of the Year 2012’ at the New Zealand VA Conference, held in Wellington.

Outbox is a Cloud Virtual Professional company helping small to medium sized businesses to outsource online web and administration tasks, freeing up time and keeping their overheads down.

Although based in Auckland, New Zealand, Lindsey welcomes international clients and feels the time difference can be a distinct advantage, especially to those in the UK where she has many years experience of the market.

Having been around since 2006, Outbox has experienced first-hand many of the changes in software, technology and working habits that have influenced how businesses operate. They know the importance of having an online presence and understand that SME owners are now busier than ever trying to take on the functions of an entire organisation chart themselves, so services are tailored to just what they want to delegate and outsource, taking full advantage of new cloud software and constantly embracing change in the industry.

Outbox services include:

-          Affordable Websites

-          Email Newsletters

-          Social Media

-          In addition to a wide range of administration support including Email Signatures and Xero Invoicing.

Clients pay for what they need, when they need it, by simply sending a task to Outbox and consider it done.

Lindsey created Outbox after making a living over the past twenty-five years helping businesses become more productive. At the start of a fifteen year career working for John Lewis Plc in London during the early 80’s, it became apparent that she had a great interest in how IT could help the workplace. She developed computer, design and business skills by working in various areas of the large retail business before moving onto other companies and continuing to upgrade her skills. Since immigrating to New Zealand seven years ago, she has been keen to promote the role of the Virtual Professionals (or VA’s) and all that they have to offer. Lindsey is passionate about helping businesses succeed and takes pride in offering a range of integrated services to her clients that aim to take the frustration out of the online world.

Lindsey’s BeMyVA profile can be seen here: www.bemyva.com/va/2553/Lindsey-Carroll

Business web site for Outbox Ltd: www.outbox.co.nz

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