Featured VA - Marion Jackson - My Virtual Assistant, Auckland, New Zealand

Date: 24-Aug-2013 12:00

Featured VA - Marion Jackson - My Virtual Assistant, Auckland, New Zealand

My Virtual Assistant was launched on 13 March 2009.

Catering for a wide range of clients, specialist work includes website creation and management, newsletters, PowerPoint, word processing (including editing and proof reading), flyers and Social Media.

An accomplished Executive Assistant, Marion Jackson has the organisational ability, initiative, natural flair and an eye for detail needed to assist small and medium sized businesses with their day-to-day requirements.

With 26 years relevant work experience she combines her strong, all-round office skills with plenty of energy to do what it takes to ensure assignments are completed efficiently and on time.

Marion’s employment history spans two years in the Retirement Industry; two years in Infrastructure Maintenance; four years in the Prestige Motor Vehicle Industry and four years in the Commercial Real Estate Industry.  She also spent 14 years in the Travel Industry, most of which was taking care of Corporate Travel arrangements.

On top of all that, she has also completed a Diploma of Professional Interior Design with The Interior Design Academy.

Recently, Marion received Runner Up ‘Virtual Assistant of the Year Award 2012’.

About Marion

Born in Tanzania, East Africa, Marion spent a number of years living in the south of England before eventually emigrating to New Zealand with my family.

She has an undeniable passion for anything to do with interior design (she calls it ‘house porn’!) and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of her 1970's home renovation.

Marion and her partner live in Auckland, New Zealand, where they share their home with two Maine Coon cats.  Maine Coon’s are the largest breed of domestic cat in the world.  At almost four years old, each cat weighs 7kg, with the potential to reach 10 - 12kg!

Being a travel consultant for several years means Marion has travelled extensively throughout the world.  She is particularly fond of Fiji and has holidayed there 16 times!  Her burning passion is to visit Canada and experience cruising the Alaskan coast.

Marion and her partner enjoy many fabulous trips away on their boat and they will escape away for a weekend (or longer!) whenever they can. 

See Marion’s BeMyVA profile here: http://www.bemyva.com/va/2554/Marion-Jackson

Marion’s business web site: http://www.myvirtualassistant.co.nz/

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