New Zealand: Business World Begins to Recognise the Value of Virtual Assistants

Date: 24-Sep-2012 12:00

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant has many benefits.  As demands on time increase and employments costs soar, the ability to have a skilled and flexible workforce is essential for the survival and growth of many small and medium sized enterprises.

“Hiring a virtual assistant allows the business own/entrepreneur time to focus on growing the business and gaining new business, doing what they do best.  A virtual assistant can take care of taking telephone calls, replying to emails and corresponding with clients”, says John Palmer CEO,, who judged the awards at the Wellington, NZ conference.

By taking on a VA a business does not have to worry a multitude of expenses.  VAs typically work from home, using their own computers and equipment and will only charge for the hours they work. 

Recent technological advancements have led to a huge global surge in the number of professionals working from home.  This growth has been recognized in New Zealand where there has been rapid growth in the Virtual Assistant industry in the last 36 months. 

Organised by Debra Clark of Admincorp and sponsored by, New Zealand launched its first VA Conference last month and it was a significant success.

 “In New Zealand we have a more savvy culture for freelancers and small businesses so virtual professionals encompasses  many services.  Demand has grown over the decade and businesses are seeking virtual professionals rather than at-home secretary or freelancers.  Virtual professionals are able to offer a wider scope of expertise and knowledge and they are internet-savvy.” Ms Clark said.

So, as the benefits and cost effectiveness of the virtual assistant becomes recognised will it lead to the death of the traditional PA in smaller businesses?  Read more in the following article “The PA is dead, long live the VA” by Darren Greenwood of the National Business Review (New Zealand) - Via VA Conference Award winner, Lindsey Carroll. is keen to support the personal and professional development of Virtual Assistants worldwide and actively sponsors as many Virtual Assistant conferences, events and learning experiences as possible around the globe. 

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