International Virtual Assistants Association - Preferred Partner BeMyVA

Date: 20-Apr-2013 12:00

International Virtual Assistants Association - appoints Preferred Partner BeMyVA

BeMyVA are proud to announce that we have recently been approved as a Preferred Partner by International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA).

The membership of IVAA will enjoy the benefits of promotions and discounts with BeMyVA continuing to support learning and professional development by sponsoring IVAA On-Line Summit and IVAA Live Summit.

John Palmer, founder and CEO, says, "We have enjoyed working with the leadership of IVAA over the last 12 months in our role of sponsors for both of the IVAA Summit activities, and we are happy that we share a very similar vision for professional and ethical standards in the global VA industry.

We will look forward to working with IVAA in supporting the ongoing development of the status of VAs - promoting VAs to the international business community towards more readily recognising the value of the professional Virtual Assistant, and the role those resources can play in supporting entrepreneurs and businesses of almost any size - virtual or not!

The events impacting on the global economy has forced business leaders to consider how they can survive and thrive. particularly in the recovery phase, when uncertainty remains.

Flexible workforces are likely be an integral element towards helping business and global economies recover and grow.

Increasingly, more and more business and economic commentators now support the thinking that the future of work has now been changed forever, and clearly Virtual Assistants are a leading light in that change."

Our thanks go to IVAA Directors Carla Wilson, President, Terry Green, Vice-President, and Jama St John, Member Benefits, IVAA Board Members, and all the IVAA Volunteers for their ongoing efforts to take the industry forward.

We look forward to working closely with IVAA in 2013 to promote professional Virtual Assistants across the globe..

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