IVAA Live Summit April 2013 - Philadelphia, USA - Sponsored by BeMyVA

Date: 30-Mar-2013 12:00

IVAA Live Summit April 30 to May 3 2013 - Philadelphia, USA - Sponsored by BeMyVA

The IVAA Live Summit, now in it’s 12th year, is the place for professional Virtual Assistants. One of the most valuable reasons to attend the IVAA Live Summit – the networking! IVAA attracts the leading virtual assistants in the industry!

Renew friendships, make new friends, find business opportunities; in addition to learning the latest information relevant to VAs, in-person networking is the most often listed reason for attending conferences.

As the trade association for VAs, IVAA are second to none, so don’t miss out on the leading conference for virtual assistants and have some fun while doing so!

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IVAA 2013 Live Summit web site: http://live.ivaa.org/

John Palmer, CEO, BeMyVA attended the event in Memphis, Tennessee, USA (April 2012), and quickly recognised the outstanding elements and benefits of attending the event - his thoughts from that time can be revisited here: http://www.bemyva.com/find-va-directory/newsdetail.php?nid=75

John added - We look forward to working with the Board and Volunteers of IVAA in making their events the "go to" events of 2013.

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