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Andrea Osborne, Cushion the Impact, London, UK,  Virtual Assistant
Name: Andrea Osborne
Experience as a VA: 19 Years
Hourly Rate from: 0.00
Currency: GBP UK pounds sterling

Blog Writing, Bookkeeping Services, Concierge Services, Desk / Internet Research, Diary Management, Email Administration, Event Management, Executive Assistance, Marketing Support, Newsletters, Office Management, On-Line Networking Support, Personal Assistant, Project Management, Proof Reading, Real Estate Support, Social Media, Spreadsheet Updates, Time Management, Tour Guide - City

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Fluent: Spanish

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Fluent: Spanish

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Accountancy / Audit, Administrative / Support Services, Advertising, Architecture, Arts, Business Services, Customer Service, Design - Creative, Design - Interior, Entertainment, Sport / Fitness, Tax / Tax Planning, Travel

Additional details:
With a background of project management and customer service, I knew what it was like to spend my non working hours trying to organise my personal life. When I became an IT consultant, that pressure was amplified as I was running a business at the same time as having a life. cushion the impact was founded 2000 and for the past 14 years, my staff and I have been providing award winning personal and business support services to busy people all over the world from our office in London. I now also deliver time management courses and coaching sessions to teach people to make more of their time, and to help other VAs juggle their own varied workload.
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Contact Details:
Business Name: Cushion the Impact
Location: London, UK
Website: www.cushiontheimpact.co.uk
E-mail: info@cushiontheimpact.co.uk
Phone: 020 3218 0053
Local Time (Guide Only):
15:14 (24 hour clock)

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