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Kelly Cairns, The Tech Angel, Tyne & Wear, UK,  Virtual Assistant
Name: Kelly Cairns
Experience as a VA: 11 Years
Hourly Rate from: 30.00
Currency: GBP UK pounds sterling


Technical consultant / coach and VA to Trainers, Coaches, Authors and Speakers. Winner of Northern VA of the Year 2106 Runner up for Northern VA of the Year 2014 & 2015

YouTube managmenet, Pinterest management, Wordpress, Social Media Administration, Social Media Marketing, Editorial Proof Reading, Email Administration, Executive Assistance, Marketing Support, Newsletters, Office Management, On-Line Marketing, On-Line Networking Support, Personal Assistant, Presentations / Slides, Project Management, Proof Reading, Social Media, Web Sites, Word Processing

First Language:
Other Languages:
Spoken / Interpreter:
Fluent: English-UK

Basic: Welsh

Written / Translator:
Fluent: English

Basic: Welsh

Industry Experience:
Administrative / Support Services, Business Services, Education / Training, Government / Local Government, Healthcare / Medical, Information Technology, IT Consultancy, Internet / e-Commerce, Law / Legal Services, Marketing : On-line, Project Management, Retail : On-Line
Industry Preferences:
Fitness / Wellness, Administrative / Support Services, Beauty / Personal Care, Business Services, Consultancy, Education / Training, Event Organisers, Fashion, Healthcare / Medical, Information Technology, Internet / e-Commerce, Management Services, Marketing, Marketing: On-line, New Media

Additional details:
Technical consultant specialising in online technology.

Helping to demystify technology for women in business. Working from Strategy right up to implementation.
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Kelly Cairns, The Tech Angel, Tyne & Wear, UK,  Virtual Assistant

Contact Details:
Business Name: The Tech Angel
Location: Tyne & Wear, UK
Website: www.kellycairns.co.uk
Phone: 020 8242 1854
Local Time (Guide Only):
04:06 (24 hour clock)

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